Who am I anyway?

Am I the fun girl I think I am? I'm unequivocally a geek.  I love geeky things, board games, scifi, cons, I fall haplessly in love with fictional characters.  Does this make me who I am, or is it just one aspect? I am not a hick.  I may live in the south, but that... Continue Reading →

So Here’s the Thing

I can’t live in books, or TV. To have a life,  I have to go out and live it.  I can’t breathe stuck in a house for ages at a time, with no place to go but bed.  Depression has held me down, slicked on my skin like the sheen of sweat.   How do... Continue Reading →

This Time of Nothing

I know you guys are tired of hearing of my woes and depression as per the breakup.  I wish I could be the funny girl you all met back when I started this page.  I wish I had the mentality to back up the general comedic timing that is brimming behind the anxiety and chest... Continue Reading →


Christmas has always been about families.  My Christmases are no exception, so to be the only single left in my immediate family, to be the only single at my larger family gathering, well it has always left a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach.   I have always wanted my own kids, my... Continue Reading →

A letter to ease my mind

Dear Jack Frost,   I will miss you.  I miss you already.  I miss your smile, the laughter I’d hear time and again in the first two years of our long distance relationship.  I miss the way your accent wasn’t so much different than mine, but at the same time that northern found it’s way... Continue Reading →

A plea for help in a big way

Come one, Come all to tonight’s story. I keep my private life very private on here.  Sure I tell the stories that happened; I let you guys live vicariously through my foils and fables.  But tonight, I’m going a little closer to home.  For a very good reason. I moved when I was in the... Continue Reading →

FWB Fiasco

Fwb Fiasco Imagine if you will, being 23 fresh from a roller coaster of a first real relationship, and finally turtle heading your way out of the heart broken shell tossed around you.  After the disbelief that you would not in fact be marrying the man who had somehow won your heart and tied c-4... Continue Reading →

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