Random thoughts about me

I am an introvert. I like to stay home play online, watch movies I’ve seen a million times. I like to sit alone reading a book, or three or four books in succession. I like to binge watch television series I like to sing, and I’ll flip to extroverted once in a while to go... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream?

I may have noted before that I am shallow.  I think that needs reiterating, as I am going to regale you with one of the shallowest moments in my dating history.  I am not a thin girl; in fact I reference my size in the title and tag of this blog.  I’m ok with that. ... Continue Reading →

Mr. Name Droppper

Just what brings such awesomeness into my life you might be asking?  Well honestly I don’t know if you’re asking or not, but I know I am.  I’ve had such a wonderful time both online and offline with real winners.  So today, instead of regaling you with a date, I thought I’d regale you a... Continue Reading →

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