At 25 I wasn't thin. I wasn't beautiful. I used to make comments that "cars will stop for me because I'd dent their vehicle too much to hit me." I'd say "Eat the cake, Fat bitches are harder to kidnap."Now at 40 I'm trying very hard to NOT be the fat bitch. I want to... Continue Reading →

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you. The weather is wet. My weight is unchanged from yesterday. Still weighing in at 237.8  Which is drastically down from 275. I found a photo from 2013 after the AAA had finally departed my life.  I don't know if I weighed 275 then, but I looked as if I'd... Continue Reading →

About that Therapist…

Well there goes that great idea.  I was going to go see a therapist, because of ... reasons.  But alas!  I do not have 200 dollars to blow at the person who lets me do exactly what I do here, for free.  No I don't have anyone giving me 'advice' but I can hash out... Continue Reading →

A Dark History

I've spoken loads about one night stands, or bad dates.  Hell I've talked about crushes and the good times, bad times, and everything in between.  The one thing I've not talked about on this blog thus far, is rape. This subject keeps being brought up in popular social media, the government, and general conversations between... Continue Reading →

Young and Stupid

Oh to be young and stupid again.  I was fourteen, I had a new friend, and through her I’d have my first taste of ‘love’.  Not “love! Love, but the little lusty love.”  My new friends name was TheWeirdOne.  Her being weird was fine.  I was weird too. We’d talk of the smell of  books,... Continue Reading →


The feminist movement of today pisses me off.  Here’s a bit of a revelation to you readers.  I’ve been raped. Not once but three times.  With that said the “She didn’t ask for it” shit doesn’t fly with me.  I put myself into two bad situations and they ended up atrociously. No one asks to... Continue Reading →

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