Queen of Isolation

Just wondering how long do I stay single? Do I do my normal years of aloneness this time? Do I sink into a pit of self loathing. I mean I know I'm not gorgeous but I just feel like maybe I should be getting back out there sooner than that. Is there a right time?... Continue Reading →

I’m not ok

I hope you know you'll pull through this. NO I actually don't know that I'll pull through this. My heart feels like it was dumped in a paper shredder. I'm sorry that I'm too much for you guys to handle, but apparently, I'm not as strong as you think I am. "it was only 5... Continue Reading →

It’s worse.

It's so much worse to be the one that ends it. At least it is when the reason comes out of the blue and you were completely caught unaware. When one day you are lying happily on bed, with your head on their chest dreaming of a future together, and then in a few words... Continue Reading →

No Car No Date

Someday will be better. I know this. Today is not that day. I should be lying in bed beside him, my head on his chest, both of us on reddit, or asleep with his gentle snores lulling me to sleep. And I fucking miss him. I keep double, triple, quadruple guessing myself. and I know... Continue Reading →


Does he miss me, even a little?Did this week hurt as bad for him as it did for me?Would he ever have told me?Am I the largest idiot on the face of the planet?Will anyone ever actually love me?Did he love me, just not trust me to not run away? (In this defense, I did... Continue Reading →

Back From the Grave

That's right, I'm reactivating this biznatch. What's that. You've never been here before? Oh honey, go back, catch up and sit down, because I got a story to tell. Where have I been? Oh in Hell. Literally, where I work right now, the ac died. So it's hot. There's often methane leaks (smells like hell... Continue Reading →

A letter to ease my mind

Dear Jack Frost,   I will miss you.  I miss you already.  I miss your smile, the laughter I’d hear time and again in the first two years of our long distance relationship.  I miss the way your accent wasn’t so much different than mine, but at the same time that northern found it’s way... Continue Reading →

This week, The 80s Rocker, and Mr. Perfect

This week has been all sorts of difficult.  I’ve suffered from sleep deprevation at the paws of some evil foul monsters…  My aunt’s and cousin’s dogs.  They are three sweet fluffy demons that will snuggle you to death! I’ve also spent the week with my grandmother, and while I love her dearly she has a... Continue Reading →

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