This time

Every other relationship I've had, well nearly, when it ended I thought, "what is so wrong with me that they couldn't love me." But this time... This time I wonder what is so wrong with me that I keep getting guys that aren't good. Look the hobbit was amazing most of the time. Are there... Continue Reading →

A letter to ease my mind

Dear Jack Frost,   I will miss you.  I miss you already.  I miss your smile, the laughter I’d hear time and again in the first two years of our long distance relationship.  I miss the way your accent wasn’t so much different than mine, but at the same time that northern found it’s way... Continue Reading →


The problem with depression is the sleep cycle.  I either want to sleep constantly, or I’m wired for sound.  The job hunt is going quite poorly. Application after application, I keep type type typing.  I’m going around for round two of paper apps to nursing homes in the area, to fill out again in hopes... Continue Reading →


She’s gone.  No more breath, no more smile, that peaceful look is all that remains.  She who raised a town, she who knew no enemy, my Aunt.  There was a pony once.  This mean evil beasty that needed ‘breaking’.  Once that was done he was fun to ride, as long as the adults put you... Continue Reading →

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