No one told me.

No one told me how hard it would be to say no. I never knew anyone to fall that fast. 2 dates. The 22yo the Young Gun, took 2 dates, and he was gone forever.  Planning the future, making sure that he was not just in lust, but in love.  How does this make sense.... Continue Reading →

Roses are Red.. So is Blood.

Roses are Red, Surprises are great, I can help you plan your Valentine's date-- Cortanna, at 145AM February 12 2017.   No I don't think you can, computer.  You are not a male, you are not single, and you are not my type.  I'm single, for the first time in 3 years, and the 3... Continue Reading →

This week, The 80s Rocker, and Mr. Perfect

This week has been all sorts of difficult.  I’ve suffered from sleep deprevation at the paws of some evil foul monsters…  My aunt’s and cousin’s dogs.  They are three sweet fluffy demons that will snuggle you to death! I’ve also spent the week with my grandmother, and while I love her dearly she has a... Continue Reading →

The Little Plane that Couldn’t

I’d awaken in the pisser of all moods that day.  I showered, got dressed and headed out extra early.  I put on my makeup, I did my hair, everything.  I had a date before dawn.  Fish!Boy had invited me to go flying.  At first I thought he meant an actual plane, but quickly I was... Continue Reading →

Liars, thieves, and cheats

There are few things in the world that I dislike as much as I dislike a liar.  There I said it, and I feel.. well actually I feel exactly the same way as I did before I wrote it.  I hate liars.  I hate thieves. And honestly I’m getting where I hate most people. There... Continue Reading →


During my dating life I’ve come across a lot of people.  Good people, the wrong people, bad people.  People, People, People.  The worst of all is the Asshole.  This can be compounded from simple Asshole, to Alcoholic Asshole, Abusive Asshole, or even the Tri-fecta Alcoholic Abusive Asshole. The AAA isn’t all that rare. It’s not... Continue Reading →

Thigh Gap…

As a heavy set woman I’ve been through the wringer in dating and relationships.   Some have made their way onto blog posts on this very blog.  I feel the need to branch out from the horrible dating stories into a more normal blog, and though I would just make a new blog, I feel that... Continue Reading →

Liebster? Liebster? Liebster?

    SingleGuyInNewYork  was ever so gracious as to nominate me for this auspicious award.  (well, I actually don't know how auspicious but I'll accept with all the dignity I can muster, because it makes me very happy to have received it.)  While reading this you should definitely check out his blog, it's a hilarious... Continue Reading →

The one with the fish

Another story?  I don’t mind if I do.  This one takes place in 2002ish.. I was 22..ish I’d been working at a tobacco shop for about three months; I’d started back to college and was taking intro to psychology and a few other courses.  I was thoroughly engrossed In the psych class, and would even... Continue Reading →

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