The Tinder experiment…

It’s been awhile since last I posted.  I apologize.  After a family vacation to the mountains, and a subsequent tubing trip this weekend (that did not go well), I found myself back at work and hurried for my upcoming vacation.  (I’m excited.)  I have had no time to comment until now. Now is the winter... Continue Reading →

The Astronut

  27.  It’s how old I was when this story happened.  I was living happily in a neighboring city, my roommate and I had been friends since junior high, and we were generally enjoying the summer.  We’d spend days off at the river, tubing/drinking, and we’d spend our work days/nights around town.  It was a... Continue Reading →

The one with the van…

I did it, I’d left him.  The asshole that’d ran my life for two plus years.  It was August, and it was hot.  My legs and arms stuck to the interior of my car, and the thermometer on the dash read 124 degrees.  I had been working on cleaning out my life.  I’d started with... Continue Reading →

The One With the Beard

October. The leaves were changing rapidly from the beautiful greens of spring and summer to an orange and fiery red.  The air held the hope of crispness to come, though the heat hadn't really bothered to go away.  I was working in a neighboring town as an LPN on the weekends, so when Beard Guy... Continue Reading →

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