A Cowboy Baby…

It was nearing winter, the bar was full of jackets and sweaters.  The music was loud, the dance floor small, and the music was anything goes.  In fact it was Karaoke.  Singer after singer lined up awaiting their turn.  It was my usual joint, my usual night.  This was where I belonged.  I had people... Continue Reading →

The One With the Beard

October. The leaves were changing rapidly from the beautiful greens of spring and summer to an orange and fiery red.  The air held the hope of crispness to come, though the heat hadn't really bothered to go away.  I was working in a neighboring town as an LPN on the weekends, so when Beard Guy... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Lover

Years ago, back in the time of Yahoo Chat Rooms, I would venture into my home state’s chat window.  There were hundreds of people in them, and I’d post the normal Age/Sex/Location.  I’d then ask if anyone wanted to chat.  What would happen next was almost comical.  My computer would be bombarded with messages.I was... Continue Reading →

The One That was a Meth Dealer.

It was around July, if the memory serves correctly.  Even at six pm, it was balls hot.  I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup, for I had another online date that evening.  This guy was pretty attractive, and had a rather well designed profile.  I remember quite vividly that he was well versed,... Continue Reading →

Too many kids vs Freeloader

So I joined a free dating site, and decided that I would be proactive in the search for Mr. Right.  I had gotten tired of finding Mister Wrong, and Mister I'm already married.  So off I go into the wild blue interwebs.  I worked diligently at filling out my required information, though I felt quite... Continue Reading →

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