To smile

You make me smile.  You do.  With your cocky grin, and your hazel eyes.  When you exclaim after some new information in a game we've been playing for hours. You make me smile, when you break your stride and treat me like a little more than just a friend, or maybe just like a friend.... Continue Reading →

Facebook, Frustration, and Phonecalls

  I had 4 hours of dental work today.  I wanted to call him as soon as I regained speaking ability.  I watched a show and it made me think of him, I wanted to call him again.  I never blocked him.  Maybe it would be easier had I done so, but I didn’t want... Continue Reading →

Heartbreak and Hand Grenades

A friend.  A friend I’d known since elementary school set us up.  He lived on one side of the country, and I in the middle.  We were only supposed to be friends.  We both knew that long distance rarely if ever worked, but we were going to be just friends. Then his cousin had her... Continue Reading →

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