The One with the Vienna Sausage

My friend Carole Blair called me up the other day and was on the edge of tears.  Now readers, don't think she was sad.  She was angry, she was fighting mad.  She had done it.  Finally.  She'd told him off.  That fucker that had broken her rib, that had damn near broken her leg.  Him.... Continue Reading →

Current state of my affairs.

Ok Froggers,  Here goes.  I’ve been absent.  Really, really absent.  I found a job, and not much funny happens at it.  I don’t have the time I once did to pen a soliloquy every other day.  OH! And beyond that I’m so very lonely. I know three people in this town.  My sister, brother-in-law, and... Continue Reading →

Thigh Gap…

As a heavy set woman I’ve been through the wringer in dating and relationships.   Some have made their way onto blog posts on this very blog.  I feel the need to branch out from the horrible dating stories into a more normal blog, and though I would just make a new blog, I feel that... Continue Reading →

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