This Time of Nothing

I know you guys are tired of hearing of my woes and depression as per the breakup.  I wish I could be the funny girl you all met back when I started this page.  I wish I had the mentality to back up the general comedic timing that is brimming behind the anxiety and chest... Continue Reading →

The Little Plane that Couldn’t

I’d awaken in the pisser of all moods that day.  I showered, got dressed and headed out extra early.  I put on my makeup, I did my hair, everything.  I had a date before dawn.  Fish!Boy had invited me to go flying.  At first I thought he meant an actual plane, but quickly I was... Continue Reading →

Thigh Gap…

As a heavy set woman I’ve been through the wringer in dating and relationships.   Some have made their way onto blog posts on this very blog.  I feel the need to branch out from the horrible dating stories into a more normal blog, and though I would just make a new blog, I feel that... Continue Reading →

The Tinder experiment…

It’s been awhile since last I posted.  I apologize.  After a family vacation to the mountains, and a subsequent tubing trip this weekend (that did not go well), I found myself back at work and hurried for my upcoming vacation.  (I’m excited.)  I have had no time to comment until now. Now is the winter... Continue Reading →

The Astronut

  27.  It’s how old I was when this story happened.  I was living happily in a neighboring city, my roommate and I had been friends since junior high, and we were generally enjoying the summer.  We’d spend days off at the river, tubing/drinking, and we’d spend our work days/nights around town.  It was a... Continue Reading →

The Teacher.

I’ve tried to write this blog post for two days.  The first day I was exhausted from lack of sleep and shopping.  My brain seemed disjointed, and I could not type.  I stared at the blank page for hours, and finally came up with some drivel about a past boyfriend that I wouldn’t show my... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream?

I may have noted before that I am shallow.  I think that needs reiterating, as I am going to regale you with one of the shallowest moments in my dating history.  I am not a thin girl; in fact I reference my size in the title and tag of this blog.  I’m ok with that. ... Continue Reading →

FWB Fiasco

Fwb Fiasco Imagine if you will, being 23 fresh from a roller coaster of a first real relationship, and finally turtle heading your way out of the heart broken shell tossed around you.  After the disbelief that you would not in fact be marrying the man who had somehow won your heart and tied c-4... Continue Reading →

Mr. Name Droppper

Just what brings such awesomeness into my life you might be asking?  Well honestly I don’t know if you’re asking or not, but I know I am.  I’ve had such a wonderful time both online and offline with real winners.  So today, instead of regaling you with a date, I thought I’d regale you a... Continue Reading →

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