No one told me.

No one told me how hard it would be to say no. I never knew anyone to fall that fast. 2 dates. The 22yo the Young Gun, took 2 dates, and he was gone forever.  Planning the future, making sure that he was not just in lust, but in love.  How does this make sense.... Continue Reading →

Rain (I’m in a poetry mood lately, so sue me) * really don’t.. I don’t have any money*

She dances Rain drops lick at skin Rejuvenating Reinvigorating Revitalizing Until a new persona remains. Cleansing Not only physical But also emotional From on and within. Thunder crashes, Lightning strikes Her eyes too alight. Heart once agape Sews itself Righting once more. The scars remain-- Mere memories Of times before. Tears stream Mixing salt with... Continue Reading →

This Time of Nothing

I know you guys are tired of hearing of my woes and depression as per the breakup.  I wish I could be the funny girl you all met back when I started this page.  I wish I had the mentality to back up the general comedic timing that is brimming behind the anxiety and chest... Continue Reading →

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