Not going to care.

Ok, I'm over it.  I don't want to talk today. I don't want to breathe today.  I just want to get through this 9 hours of work, and go to the gym.  I want to beat my body to the breaking point, and then go home to sleep, and do it again, and again and... Continue Reading →

what the fuck is wrong with men?

Explain to me how you can have so much in common with someone, have inside jokes,  Both seriously enjoy spending time together, and still not want anything to do with that person? Explain to me WHY a man you just had sex with would ask about if you had ever thought of another man.  A... Continue Reading →

So… I had a date.

With the guy I've went out with twice before... then we went out Saturday too.  I do like him, so I'm totally expecting him to not feel the same, and ghost. It is only slightly hampered by our friendship of four. WHY would he ask me that? What?  As we are cuddled up on the... Continue Reading →

Stupid romantic comedies

I've become my least favorite lead. The romantic comedy heroine. The one that pines for the guy, that does everything she can to make the guy like her. I'm not getting healthy for him. Solely for me. I'm not into boardgames for him, those are my hobbies.  But I'd do just about anything to keep... Continue Reading →

Captain Friendzone.

I'm friendly I'm outgoing I do whatever a person needs me to do to make them happy. I laugh. I take time to make sure, I look as good as I can, I dress appropriately I talk. I care. I am someone who is worth knowing and loving. I know these things I'm a great... Continue Reading →

Just No.

I had a friend that posted "I finally found him, the Joker to my Harley."   No.   No you did not. If you did, you need to get your shit, and run the other damn way.   Joker is NOT A GOOD GUY.   Repeat.   Joker is NOT A GOOD GUY!   He's... Continue Reading →

Headaches and Handgrenades

I'd literally blow my head up to get rid of this headache. _ _ _ _ (that's the whole blog post.)     (What are you waiting on?)     (really go away.) So I had  a decent weekend.  I did some things that I don't mind, but may bite me in the ass at... Continue Reading →

To smile

You make me smile.  You do.  With your cocky grin, and your hazel eyes.  When you exclaim after some new information in a game we've been playing for hours. You make me smile, when you break your stride and treat me like a little more than just a friend, or maybe just like a friend.... Continue Reading →

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