Harley fucking quinn

So yea I miss the guy. I loved him, and it does feel like part of me is missing. But I'm doing quite well thanks for asking. Are all men the same? Lie just to get you there, and then keep lying until you find out the truth? I hope not. I hope he wasn't... Continue Reading →

No Car No Date

Someday will be better. I know this. Today is not that day. I should be lying in bed beside him, my head on his chest, both of us on reddit, or asleep with his gentle snores lulling me to sleep. And I fucking miss him. I keep double, triple, quadruple guessing myself. and I know... Continue Reading →


Does he miss me, even a little?Did this week hurt as bad for him as it did for me?Would he ever have told me?Am I the largest idiot on the face of the planet?Will anyone ever actually love me?Did he love me, just not trust me to not run away? (In this defense, I did... Continue Reading →


I am pretty sure I didn't have date a sex offender on my bingo card. But there it is. I did it. I also didn't have live during a pandemic, or fall in love during one.  Again. There it is. I thought he was different and boy, I wasn't wrong.  He was as different as... Continue Reading →

Randomly froggy

Music is a bad thing today. It's either too fast or too slow, to melancholic or too happy. But I must work, so I can't listen to the sad sappy music if prefer and chill put with a tub of chocolate ice cream and a tube of cookie dough. I could blame this on him,... Continue Reading →

Back From the Grave

That's right, I'm reactivating this biznatch. What's that. You've never been here before? Oh honey, go back, catch up and sit down, because I got a story to tell. Where have I been? Oh in Hell. Literally, where I work right now, the ac died. So it's hot. There's often methane leaks (smells like hell... Continue Reading →


She is still broken. Perhaps a little less every day. A little more spackle More paint More glue And maybe she'll finally be As good as new. But she's still broken Her heart still in tatters Her mind still reeling Her confidence shattered. It's hard to remember Who she was before She's coming back slowly.... Continue Reading →


I told him something sort of silly and embarrassing on the way to game night.  I have this huge crush on the character Stiles from Teen Wolf, the television show.  He's snarky, and super smart, and a great friend, and loves with everything he has.  He's the perfect man for me... But he's fictional. I... Continue Reading →

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