Day. Well it seems I’ve lost count

Welcome to covidland. It's where most of us have been living for the last nine fucking months. Thanksgiving? Right. I'll be lucky to be off work at all. Oh wait news just came in. I'm off Thursday! But I have to work a double Friday night. Ok. What does this mean? It means sixteen hours... Continue Reading →

I’m tired.

Until you hold a family member who has just lost her husband of sixty years, as she cries, until you pray with a faith completely foreign for their daddy to either be healed or to slip off this mortal coil easily without pain due to covid, I don't want to hear about how you have... Continue Reading →

What’s this?

is this what it's all about? You are the first thing I think of when I wake, the last before I close my eyes. Your girls mean the world to me, and while I like being able to steal you away when you come to my house, I actually prefer being there with them, and... Continue Reading →


Remember every line in their face, the way they smelled, how they loved you, every hug and kiss. Remember that last communication, the last goodbye, the one you didn't know was the last, but the way they seemed to know. Remember how proud they were to be your mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, grandmother,... Continue Reading →

Chicken and rice

I made your dish today. It's not the most difficult you made, it's very simple really. I've made it hundreds of times, for different people, and each time it made me happy to do it. This was no different. I was happy to share what you taught me. This was just the first time I've... Continue Reading →

40 years

That's how long I had her. Well more so 41? Do you count the year before you turn one? How about the eight months before I was born? She was one of my favorite humans on the planet. My nanny. She was cantankerous, she was callous at times, she could break your heart and spirit,... Continue Reading →

i've wrote this before. I've said this so many times. "I didn't intend to fall in love." I don't know that I was ever in love before. Not really. I thought I was at the time. I definitely cared for the person, and in that moment thought that I loved them. But for the first... Continue Reading →


Anxiety is a bitch. She is angry and spastic. She lies, All the time. Anxiety isn't always hyperventilating in a bathroom, or rapid breathing you can control with box breathing, or even medication. It's deep. It winds its way into daily life. It poisons logic. It seeps and eeks and weeps out like darkness taking... Continue Reading →


At 25 I wasn't thin. I wasn't beautiful. I used to make comments that "cars will stop for me because I'd dent their vehicle too much to hit me." I'd say "Eat the cake, Fat bitches are harder to kidnap."Now at 40 I'm trying very hard to NOT be the fat bitch. I want to... Continue Reading →

The Way I See It

Life isn't a simple road, from point a to point b. There are many points you hit and don't even KNOW you've hit them. Dating is a lot like that. You troll the bars when you are younger, You troll the dating sites now, and you meet people, some amazing people, and some that are... Continue Reading →

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