Long time no post, aka, so long and thanks for all the frogs

I know, i know i say I’m going to post more frequently.


I say that life is great and grand, and that i’ll maybe eventually find someone worth sticking with.  I regale you with stories of the horrors of online dating, but do I regale you with the good?


Ok, so I have before, but then when it went bad, i shut off completely.

In the past eight months or so I’ve dealt with crippling depression, to the point that suicide seemed an adequate answer to the problems I was facing.  That was while I had whom i thought was a perfect fit for me.

And then during all of this, he dumped me.  I was on wellbutrin, and while that is an adequate drug for so many, it is not the drug that I need, it caused major side effects, including the loss of the ability to navigate any emotions, I became an anger fueled shell of who I once was.

For a while there I was so angry.  Angry that I believed for a second that he might want to be with me, ANGRY that I believed him when he told me he loved me.  Hell I was angry that I was still alive.

Then I got help.  I got a therapist, and I got the right medication, I worked through the crap left over by the abusive asshole.  I am still working through it.   I am doing better.

Then as i got to a point where I felt that i was ready to move on, my aunt signed me up for Match.Com.  Personally, I thought woot! New stories to post on Kiss a lot of frogs.


But that didn’t really happen.  I had a few interesting conversations, but never met them.  The first guy I met off there… Well…


The first date was awkward, and I’m pretty sure every first date is awkward.  But it wasn’t a bad awkward.


Then a few days later we went to look at Christmas lights, and I had a wonderful time.  Since then I’ve not really looked back.  We have a wonderful relationship that’s been going for nearly five months now. He makes me smile, and he is the most thoughtful man I’ve ever met.

So though i have a few more bad stories in my memories, I have others that people have told me, I hope to never have new bad date/internet dating stories from me personally.


I wonder if it’s time to retire this blog, that’s been so long since forgotten and start a new one, something upbeat and current.  I do believe so.


I’ll make one more post with the new blog info if you so wish, but this will be my last post on kiss a lot of frogs.


Thanks for the memories

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