She is still broken.
Perhaps a little less every day.
A little more spackle
More paint
More glue
And maybe she’ll finally be
As good as new.

But she’s still broken
Her heart still in tatters
Her mind still reeling
Her confidence shattered.
It’s hard to remember
Who she was before
She’s coming back slowly.
She’s needing much more.

She remembers the words,
angry and vile,
She remembers the hurts,
And his cold callous style
She remembers not ever
Being what he desired
Being told over and over
Til it broke something inside her.

She’d not had a stroke,
She wasn’t ‘just stupid’
She is Brilliant, and Amazing,
Not Droll, Dumb, or putrid.
She’s trying, she really is.
She’s fighting back panic
Around each new found friend.
And there’s even more found..
it’s the first little inkling
That’s she’s not too far gone
That the breaks in her psyche
Aren’t shattered all beyond
It’s the note that she might
One day want something more,
But it’s bogus, it’s painful,
It’s worse than before.

Because HE does not want her
Oh he’ll take her  for sure.
HE does not want anything
More than a whore.
And She does not blame him,
This fat shell of a girl.
The person she was
remains alone in the world

But he wasn’t hers.
Just not meant to be.
There was another
Waiting patiently.
HE plotted and planned
He just fucking asked.
And He stole her heart
With the touch of his hand.

The glue is setting,
The paints all gone dry.
This once broken girl
Has wings to fly.
He’s not made her whole
She’s done that herself.
But his love is amazing
In spite of itself.

And the other became
A very true friend
It seems to have worked out
Finally, In the end.

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