She is still broken. Perhaps a little less every day. A little more spackle More paint More glue And maybe she'll finally be As good as new. But she's still broken Her heart still in tatters Her mind still reeling Her confidence shattered. It's hard to remember Who she was before She's coming back slowly.... Continue Reading →


I told him something sort of silly and embarrassing on the way to game night.  I have this huge crush on the character Stiles from Teen Wolf, the television show.  He's snarky, and super smart, and a great friend, and loves with everything he has.  He's the perfect man for me... But he's fictional. I... Continue Reading →

About that last post

I was wrong.   Depression DOES suck, but it also makes you come up with all sorts of redonculous scenarios that don't play out.   He loves me.  He wants to be with me, and I feel the same.

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