Good Monday Morning

The weekend was wonderful.  His arms were free to wrap around me all weekend from 6pm Friday until 7pm Sunday.  His smile was infectious as always.  His laugh, sometimes goofy, but always sincere permeated the weekend.  His hands found mind, and mine his.

I feel a four letter words seeping up around the edges, and I push it back, knowing it’s too soon, but it’s there in the wings, waiting for it’s time to enter the stage.

He can’t swim, but he got in the pool, He can’t swim, but we played in the water, the group of us, not just me and he, had such fun, with balls, and floats, and splashing.

It was just a wonderful weekend.  There’s promise of more to come.

We spoke of the ‘relationship’ and how he’s just not ready to jump headlong into another ‘relationship’ right now.  But that he does want that, that he’s only seeing me, and I’m only seeing him, and that we are still kind of casual… But then he told his Cousin, whom i met this weekend, his best friend and cousin, that we were sorta a couple, when asked if I was his girlfriend.

The cousin kind of welcomed me to the family, the aunt decided last week that I was her new niece or friend or something.  and his father, well his father seems to be a really great people person, or else he likes me.. I don’t know which.

So yea I’ve met the family.  They are nice.  He’s wonderful, and makes me happy, makes me smile.

I’m as happy to sit next to him in a room, with each of us on our computers, doing our own thing, just in the same house/room, as I am to snuggle up to him on the bed or couch, ok so it’s still new and i love to cuddle, but I’m not fibbing.  I love being able to do my own thing and not have to worry that I’m going to be yelled at.  It was a thing with the AAA, and I don’t have to worry about that now.

he’s wonderful, and I am lucky.

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