I left out the mayo

Under the reason I’ve been relegated to the worst daughter in the world, and the worst person to live with, #1 is I left out the remainder of the mayo jar out last night after eating a tomato sandwich for dinner.


I’m a horrible person.

I was then asked by my father, at 37 -me not him, I guess you’re not coming home tonight are you?  Now this is likely in regards to the Mayo jar.  And the fact that he wants more mayo.  UNFORTUNATELY, that is not what it felt like. It felt like at 37 I have to tell my father if I plan on going home with someone or if I am going to come home.

I generally text and let him know I won’t be home, if I”m staying out all night.  I do this as a courtesy, not because I feel I have to do it.  I mean come on.  I’ve lived alone for years.  I’m there because I can’t afford to live on my own at my salary.

I pay him every month, if I didn’t I might already be out on my own again.  I suppose I’ll stop all the fun, and fitnessy things, and pay off every bill I can, as fast as I can, and get the fuck out.. forget helping him with the bills, even the ones i had nothing to do with.

Anxiety is a bitch today.  Worried.  About everything.

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