Another Weekend in the books

Another weekend with him. Smiles, and sadness, and all. A heart that flutters, fills to the brim A moment's quiet in a sea of noise. thankyou.   We did little of anything for most of the weekend, ate here, talked there, cuddled, watched stupid shit, hung with friends, I had the headache to end all... Continue Reading →

Over Anxiety Over it

Yesterday I broke down and called my doctor to have them call me in some more anti-depressants.  My life is going great, but I'm still depressed.  It's inside, it's not an exterior stimuli causing it.  I've been depressed for the majority of my life, and sometimes you just need medical help. I don't need to... Continue Reading →

Good Monday Morning

The weekend was wonderful.  His arms were free to wrap around me all weekend from 6pm Friday until 7pm Sunday.  His smile was infectious as always.  His laugh, sometimes goofy, but always sincere permeated the weekend.  His hands found mind, and mine his. I feel a four letter words seeping up around the edges, and... Continue Reading →

I don’t know… I just don’t know.

I'm so afraid I'll screw this up.  I really like this guy.  Maybe more than I've liked anyone.  It's fucking scary.  Do you hear that universe?  It's fucking SCARY!  He makes me smile, with stupid images, with his sense of humor, with his overall being. The touch of his hand is enough to make me... Continue Reading →

A quickie before bed

I should have went to bed an hour ago, maybe two.  I should have been home at least that long ago.  But I wasn't.  I was with PC.  (yes he's still going to be prince charming for the time being, Mr. Awesome may change it later.. I don't know) Today started in panic, and fear.... Continue Reading →

I left out the mayo

Under the reason I've been relegated to the worst daughter in the world, and the worst person to live with, #1 is I left out the remainder of the mayo jar out last night after eating a tomato sandwich for dinner.   I'm a horrible person. I was then asked by my father, at 37... Continue Reading →

No one told me.

No one told me how hard it would be to say no. I never knew anyone to fall that fast. 2 dates. The 22yo the Young Gun, took 2 dates, and he was gone forever.  Planning the future, making sure that he was not just in lust, but in love.  How does this make sense.... Continue Reading →

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