I can’t keep saying the same shit.

I can’t keep defending myself.  I can’t keep saying how much I don’t understand people.  I can’t keep fighting to make you understand that I am just a bit off of normal.

I’m a geek, yes it is a collect all term, no it does not mean i just don’t care.

I am a geek.  I freak out in a lot of situations others never will.

I am a geek. I can love a tv show, or a game, far more than I know how to love another human.

I am a geek.  I can internalize an ENTIRE life, but I can’t externalize ONE date request.

If you can’t deal with this.  Don’t bother me.  Don’t say “i’ll just sit here quietly while you talk’

If you can’t deal with this, maybe we shouldn’t be friends.

I won’t have signal for the forseeable future, but that’s for the best.  I can’t take being made to feel bad for the way I feel about things.  I can’t keep hearing how you know full well that I am able to people.

For me the word people has so many connotations.  But in this case, Assume I’m autistic, just enough that I can’t make connections work with people.  There.  That’s me. I can’t people.


Just.  No.


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