ten minutes… I can take ten minutes this morning for this blog.

And they tick away.  I shouldn’t take the ten.  I should just get dressed, fix my hair, splatter on some spackle, and head out the door.

It doesn’t really matter anyway.  I’m not trying to impress anyone.  not really.

I saw my friends last night.  A big collection of them, and made some new ones.  We played some hilarious games, Won and lost, and i got to see NewBoy.  Don’t worry he’ll get another name soon.  I’ll come up with it one day on the fly.

I really like him.  I’m still not sure if he likes me the same.  Sometimes he’s right on, he’s spot on, and he touches my arm, and he smiles and he does those flirty things… then other days the depresso meds kick in, and he’s not.  he’s just a little off.

I still like that guy. He doesn’t hate me those days, he still treats me with care and consideration, just not as much interest.  I dunno.

Then  Then, THEN, young gun texts to ask what I’m doing this weekend.  Mr. 22 himself asks me what I’m doing Friday.  I have to burst his little bubble not once, but twice, because I have family obligations this holiday weekend.

At least on Friday and Saturday.  But I am off Sunday, with no mega plans.  I can go out then.  If he wants.  He does. I don’t know what we are doing, yet.

Newboy, well he and I talked on Tuesday, we are definitely going to go out again, just not real sure on the details yet.  But boy do I like him.

And not to breeze past young gun, He’s super sweet, he sends me the sweetest messages, and he calls me beautiful, and he makes me FEEL beautiful.  We have some things in common, and I do rather like the boy.  I’m sure I’ll figure this all out one day… right?

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