much to do not much time to do it in.

As the title explains, I am on a limited amount of time this day, but it has been such a long long minute since last I updated any of you lovely people, that I felt i needed to steal 5 minutes from somewhere else to at least give you SOMETHING.

I’m angry.  I’m lost.  I’m scared.  I’m broken.  I don’t want to speak.  I don’t want to remain quiet.  I want to sleep.

week 3 of period from hell, I’m exhausted.  I am passing clots the size of children.  I am alone.  I’m fairly certain that that damn fact that I’ll never have children is popping up over and over again, and someone is going to force me to have a hysterectomy or an ablation to save my stupid life.

Crinkles may not speak to me again, after I told him off for the umpteenth time.  I got tired of his self assured cocky nature.  I have two very awesome men that I care a lot about, that seem to care about me.  I’m not wasting my time on someone who can’t give a fuck about me.

And I told him so.

Young Gun was sweet, if over exubherant.  I nearly died eating sushi, bad allergic reaction.  I might go out with Young Gun again, but the whole 22 thing kind of gives me pause.  Once I’m out with him, it doesn’t seem to matter, because we get along great.

New guy, is wonderful.  There are things there I know it… But there are things not there too.  I’ll figure it out in time I’m sure, I just hope we figure them out together with a mutual agreement.


updated.  shew. now to get ready for work, games, then bed.  Because I’m still exhausted.

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