So… I had a date.

With the guy I’ve went out with twice before… then we went out Saturday too.  I do like him, so I’m totally expecting him to not feel the same, and ghost.

It is only slightly hampered by our friendship of four.

WHY would he ask me that?

What?  As we are cuddled up on the bed, after the… well the rather fun activities.  He asked if I’d ever thought of crinkles in quite that way… If i’d ever thought of hooking up with him.  I answered honestly.  I said that yes I had thought about it, but it wasn’t going to happen, since he wasn’t interested in anything other than a one time hook up.

He became a big spoon and we slept.

The next morning (don’t look at me that way, I couldn’t drive. I apparently have the alcohol tolerance god gave a gnat). We headed out for breakfast, but he asked how long I’d known crinkles.. I told him the truth again, and said not much more or less than I”ve known you.  Met you both nearly the same time.

Nothing else was said about crinkles.  We had a great time together and I do hope we go out at least once more.  He’s a great man, and I do like him.

But as our four top, the lump sum of us, well it seems to hang in the balance of either crinkles will give a shit, or he wont.  Either ‘the date’ will go out with me or not.  And we’ll either hang together again, or we won’t.

My brain, and heart, hurt. I hate this.

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