Just No.

I had a friend that posted “I finally found him, the Joker to my Harley.”
No you did not. If you did, you need to get your shit, and run the other damn way.
Joker is NOT A GOOD GUY.
Joker is NOT A GOOD GUY!
He’s a deranged sociopath. He takes a Doctor A FUCKING DOCTOR, and destroys her. Bit by maddening bit, stripping away everything that makes Dr. Harleen Quinzell herself, and then.. THEN he rebuilds her in his own image.
Does that sound familiar?
It sounds like every abusive asshat out there. No don’t go out with your friends, stay here with me, we can have so much more fun together, then as soon as you acquiesce he begins with, You know if you’d went out with those girls, they’d have just made fun of you.
Or the “You’re not good enough to go out and do (whatever it is you want to do)” After time all his little barbs and jabs, drain you, strip you away until you too are Harley Quinn.
But wait! There’s more. Harley, not only had to deal with emotional abuse, she also ALSO dealt with physical, and after awhile if Puddin raised his voice she’d cower.
Is that who you want your ‘man’ to aspire to be? I think not.
If you want to aspire to be Harley Quinn, I can’t tell you not to. The current iteration in comics is pretty fucking bad ass. She’s her own anti-hero, sometimes still a villain in earnest.
She has had quite a life since Joker, and is now (in some comics) in a committed relationship. (granted she’s also likely to have been committed.)
She has grown back into a slightly deranged maybe a bit tarnished version of her former self (ok so more than slightly deranged) BUT she has become a full iteration.
Be that Harley Quinn, be the one who won’t accept the bullshit from an asshat abuser. Be Harley that will kick a man’s (figurative) ass for treating her like shit. Be the Harley that lifts up other women.
And do not ‘pray for a love like Joker and Harley’ because that’s not only a bad idea, but it could end your life.

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