current mood: Apprehensive. Look: Fabulous.. Ok windswept weight: same. Just a small note to say that although I might be pretty, I feel pretty rotten today.  Pulled a hard day at work, and now i'm expected at gaming.  I'll go because I said I would.  BUUT... I'm just kinda blah today. It'll get better later.

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you. The weather is wet. My weight is unchanged from yesterday. Still weighing in at 237.8  Which is drastically down from 275. I found a photo from 2013 after the AAA had finally departed my life.  I don't know if I weighed 275 then, but I looked as if I'd... Continue Reading →

About that Therapist…

Well there goes that great idea.  I was going to go see a therapist, because of ... reasons.  But alas!  I do not have 200 dollars to blow at the person who lets me do exactly what I do here, for free.  No I don't have anyone giving me 'advice' but I can hash out... Continue Reading →


Ah, the sun in it's infinite splendor Drenching me in it's glittering light Pulling me in, as a lovers embrace. The warmth wrapping me in lovers caress, licking my skin like tongues of pleasure. I stand before it, arms outstretched Proffering myself, requesting permission. Never receiving an answer, Until a cloud blocks out That fiery... Continue Reading →

She’s Not Me. (it’s just a poem)

She's not me. For I would never hurt you Cut  into pieces, left bleeding on the floor. I'd never say those words Laced with razor edges Slicing into your very soul. No She's not me. I'm the one who wants Only to help you retrieve The shattered remnants of your heart. I'll grab the duct tape,... Continue Reading →

Just thoughts

He smiles and takes her hand, holding it tight within his grasp.  Speaking sweet nothings against her hair, and holding her to him so their hearts beat as one.  His voice is gentle, deep, a rumble as he professes all the things they will do today, tomorrow, whenever.  And she is happy for the first... Continue Reading →

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