Headaches and Handgrenades

I’d literally blow my head up to get rid of this headache.

(that’s the whole blog post.)



(What are you waiting on?)



(really go away.)

So I had  a decent weekend.  I did some things that I don’t mind, but may bite me in the ass at a later date.  May not.

I realized just how far in the rabbit hole I have darted down when it comes to the unrequited bullshit, and yes readers it PISSES ME OFF, because even though he wasn’t then, he ended up right.  AGAIN.

I can still separate what I wish would happen, but I don’t know if I will.

I honestly can’t think right now, depression and all encompassing migraine level pain, are ruling my actions today.

I know that I have been trying just about everything to get him out of my system aside from not seeing my friends. That just doesn’t work for me.  But after this next weekend Maybe I’ll stay away for a few weeks, and see if I feel differently.  Maybe not.  Maybe, JUST maybe, he’ll start liking me, and I’ll have the chance to run fleeing from the room, due to my innate fear of commitments.

Maybe I”m just fucked.

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