Just a Dream

As soon as my head hit the pillow, the world faded away, and sleep overtook me.  I was happy.  Blissfully so.  In fact I was so happy, the world was a farce.  There was no looming war, with whoever Lord Dampnut has offended this week, there was no pain, and I had reached the perfect weight.

(as an aside, during the dream I went to the gym… So apparently that’s no ingrained, and hardwired somewhere).

His smile was for me.  That half-assed self assured grin, that he usually shares only when being brilliant. It was for me.  His arms wrapped around me, pulling me close and lending me his strength for the moments it transpired.

Ah, it was absolute perfection.  I snuggled in closer for a few minutes more, before the alarm went off for the second time.  I knew I’d have to get up and make coffee and get ready to face the day.  I could hear another alarm in the background, and I waved it away as only another’s start to their day.

I could hear noises down the hallway, away from the cocoon of bed sheets and pillows, but I was content with my head on his chest, listening as he breathed deeply in and out.

When the final alarm went off, when I thought I’d see his face, his eyes peeking past pale lashes, when I would hear his voice.  I too awoke, lying in  my queen-sized bed, alone.  The subsequent alarms  were all of my own doing, my own cell phone, and I remained happy, but maybe not quite so blissful.

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