She can fall in love with anyone.  No matter their scars, their pain, or their heart.  Give her words and a pen, and she’ll construct a symphony, a soliloquy, a novel.  This woman’s heart is ready and willing to love, it’s her head that is the problem.

She has been hurt, abused, battered, used, and still she falls end over end, in a turbulent bounce of logic and lust.  And she gets so damaged.  Broken, bleeding, never seeing the end of what is to come.

She can love you when you don’t love yourself.  She can love you when you don’t even see her.  It’s both her gift, and her curse.

Time and again she’s been hurt, and time and again she forgets that pain to stand on the sidelines and make sure that whoever she loves is ok once again.

IF you are lucky enough to be loved by her, know that you will be cared for above all else.  She’ll make sure you are ready for the next step, the next job, the next love.  And when it’s not her, her heart will tear apart, and in time she’ll find another to love.

And maybe that’s all she’s supposed to do.  Help others, let them be happy, and she will continue to watch from the sidelines, as her heart is broken over and over again into the finest of dust, because none will ever love her.

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