She’s Not Me. (it’s just a poem)

She’s not me.
For I would never hurt you
Cut  into pieces,
left bleeding on the floor.
I’d never say those words
Laced with razor edges
Slicing into your very soul.

No She’s not me.
I’m the one who wants
Only to help you retrieve
The shattered remnants of your heart.
I’ll grab the duct tape,
The super glue,
The newspaper and water,
And we’ll force it back together
Until it’s reformed it’s shape and function.

No She’s not me.
Perfection, wrapped in a bow
Funny, sweet, thoughtful,
Caring, a little condescending,
And exactly who you want.
Those memories are sweet,
I know, I have them too,
Of the formers and the exes,
But they are gone.

She’s not me.
She’s held your hand,
Touched your face,
Kissed your lips,
Known your dreams,
Heard your song,
She’s been your sun,
Your moon, and your always.
Felt Your arms around her,
Comforting her.

No.. She’s not me.

I am here.


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