Not Board at All

So as a complete jump off of the norm, I think I should speak of my upcoming weekend plans.  It’s International TableTop Day!  That’s right.  It’s a day where you can be anything from a wizard, to a Zombie, a pirate, or a pilgrim.  Go to your local Game Store and take part in the biggest game party of the year.  It’s like a convention.. IN A SINGLE DAY!

Our local store and our local game group have over 1500 dollars of prizes available to win!  All you have to do is show up and play games!

The reason I like board games is the single solitary fact, that it’s not solitary.  As a woman who has major issues with commitment, I can commit to a game night, and a board game for the length of the game.  I can commit to a character for a long term rpg group.

These are things that make me happy.  Currently I’m playing as a pretty good magician set in the 1940s.  She is called Midge the Magnificent Marcone and she is brilliant!  And she is Lucky!  AND she has a gambling addiction.  You have to have a drawback I mean it’s not just a perfect world that we are playing in.

Currently the group is working our way through the Necropolis to salvage some bands of Ra or something.  It’s great fun.

But Boardgames are so much more complex than buying and selling fictional real estate in Monopoly.

There are games where you are a wizard, crafting the best spell to take out your enemies.  There are games where you must give your ‘family’ the worst lives imaginable and then kill them in inventive ways.  There are games where you battle together to take out the forces of evil.

Oh and there are games were you are dragons flying across the sky!  If you can dream it up, there is likely a game about it! And if by some point of order you can’t find one, make one!  Someone will buy it.

So this April 29th go to your local store, set up shop and play some games! You might just win something!

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