Good Good Wednesday

No that is not a truthful title, not everything is great, I’m not singing the praises from the rooftops.  I just am.

Things I need to fix:

  1. Change how I feel about myself:
    1.  I should not feel that I am hideous, losing weight helps, but it does not change the fact that I feel I’m ugly no matter my size.
  2. Be kinder to myself:
    1. Do not treat myself as a hindrance to all and sundry.
    2. Do not mentally berate myself for not being beautiful.
  3. Learn how to people
    1. Not just people skills, I’m friendly and patients like me, but I do not know how to make lasting relationships.
  4. Love myself
    1. instead of hating myself, and who and what I am
  5. Decrease my anxiety.
    1. I think this is self explanatory.
  6. Learn how to have self compassion.
  7. Build Self Esteem
    1. I don’t have the first fucking clue how to do this.

So I’m sure there’s more but those are the first things I could think of.  I hear all the time, Love yourself or else no one else will.  I just need to like myself first.  Because I don’t.  I’m broken.  It has to get better.

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