Not Board at All

So as a complete jump off of the norm, I think I should speak of my upcoming weekend plans.  It's International TableTop Day!  That's right.  It's a day where you can be anything from a wizard, to a Zombie, a pirate, or a pilgrim.  Go to your local Game Store and take part in the... Continue Reading →

Not Supposed To

I'm not supposed to like him. Not even a little. Let's be honest, he's not that attractive.  He's just this guy I know.  He's a bit portly, and he has nice arms.. (oh wait, that's not what this is about.  this is why I shouldn't like him.)  He's full of him self, self assured, cocky,... Continue Reading →


Refrain from speaking Push thoughts down in vain Until they spiral out In a cloud of vitriol and pain. For none should have to hear The voices in my head And never more shall you Worry of what's inside instead. I've tired of the fighting Of looking for a friend Of begging, pleading, wanting I'd like... Continue Reading →


I am always there when someone needs someone to talk to. I'll let them ramble on and on, about whatever is getting them down, and if that's not what they need I'll let them ramble on and on about anything else. But when I spend all day imagining how much better it would be if... Continue Reading →

Who am I anyway?

Am I the fun girl I think I am? I'm unequivocally a geek.  I love geeky things, board games, scifi, cons, I fall haplessly in love with fictional characters.  Does this make me who I am, or is it just one aspect? I am not a hick.  I may live in the south, but that... Continue Reading →

Kermit the fucking Frog here

One day someone will tell me I'm beautiful. Not on a dating site to get me to drive however fucking far to screw them. One day someone will look me in the eyes and tell me that i'm exactly what they want. I'll be the person they want to spend time with, not the person... Continue Reading →

The Ridiculous Poker Incident

Many years ago I was invited to a poker tournament.  Top pay was 1500 dollars, and I was so game.  However, my car was a grade A POS.  I'm fairly certain that Adam Sandler must have ridden in my vehicle at some point to make the song by the same name. So that left me... Continue Reading →


When she opened her mouth, it was as if the angels themselves had begun to sing.  Lyrics and melodies melded into a perfect symbiotic relationship.  This is where she was happiest, with the music pouring into her bruised and battered soul. Soft gentle melodies helped fill her, supergluing edges she had long since forgotten where... Continue Reading →

Broken Promises

I looked him up today. I don't know why. I think I missed the sound of his lies. Those very words that used to hold so much promise and hope for a future together in the East, but now they all rang hollow.   The promises, those words of relationship of maybe love, but in... Continue Reading →

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