Mistakes Were Made

So I joined this group for singles on Facebook, yesterday.  But before doing that I had a random guy from about 2 hours away add me to Ye Olde Book of Faces.  He wasn’t bad looking, and seemed rather nice.  So I accepted his friend request, and we started to talk.

Almost immediately I realized how bad this decision was.  He would quickly inform me that he wanted to go out with me before the 29th of April.  I finally got him to answer why there was a looming expiry date, and his answer “I’ll be coming to town that day to see you.”

Of course, tabletop day.  INTERNATIONAL Table Top Day.  We (the Guild) are doing a big shindig for it.  Oy Vey.

I do a little cybersleuthing and note that he states he is austistic.  I kind of shut down at this point.  “So when do you want to get together?”  No answer, note he’s not asked me if I’d like to go out with him, just assumed that I’d jump at the chance.  I realize this could be due to his autistic status, but at the same time it just seemed quite rude.

It gets worse though, because he suddenly requires me to meet him 2 hours from my house, to go to eat or church.  I’ve said before how much I am not a church goer.  In fact, I’m just a normal Atheist trying to exist in the Bible belt.  I’m not going to church.

The whole thing is causing me a fair bit of anxiety, and then he starts in with “DO you feel special because you’ve been asked out on a date?”  No answer.

“Is this the first date you’ve been on?” Yes because I’m 12.  No damnit it is NOT the first date I’ve ever been on Jesus Cripes.

How special do you feel that you are getting to go on a date?” By this point I’m a mass of anxiety, I’m so very upset that I can not see straight,  I’ve taken to talking to my friends about it and I call him only Mr. Autistic.

My friends, well meaning as they are, think I’m kidding about him being Autistic, until I share what I’m dealing with.

I do not wish to be mean or rude to this guy, but he’s really hurting my feelings, he’s causing me a great deal of anxiety.   I don’t want to go out with him at all.  I finally just unfriend and block the guy.  I actually have an anxious stomach just thinking about the entire affair.

The 25 year old.

He’s so much younger than I, and he looks like he’s 12.  But he seems to want to take me out.  I don’ t know how I feel about this, because he was talking my ear off while I dealt with Autism guy.

I guess I just want certain looks in a mate now days, not someone that looks like a kid?  Someone that treats me well, and someone that I’m attracted to?  I don’t know what I want, but so far I’ve not been offered it.

I might go out with 25 year old, though he’s 11 years my junior, because he might be great.  But, I might not.  I’m pretty sure there’s no attraction there.

I worked my chest at the gym on Monday.  My arms still feel as if they are going to fall off at the shoulder joint.  Mistakes were made.  (i’ll be going back tonight to Planet Fitness, where I am to do legs…If I can’t walk tomorrow, I’ll only have myself to blame)


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