I’m not Princess Leia

I’ve always been the ‘girl’ friend that gets told, “I am not looking for anything serious, and you are a serious kind of girl.  But when I decide to settle down, I’ll call you.”  Of course as we all know I’m single, therefore that obviously never happened, but oddly enough all of those guys are married with kids now.

I’ve done the FWB thing, and it’s fine.  It’s not perfect, it’s not preferrable all the time, but damnit sometimes even a ‘serious’ person needs to seriously get her skirts blown up.

However, I don’t know if I’m there yet.  It’s been years since last I had any skirt blowing going on, but I don’t know that I personally, am ready for that.

I belong to this wonderful group of people, married people, single people, dating people, not so many single women actually, but this group is full of awesome geeky people that like to game as much as I do.  It’s where I met Crinkles, but moving on.

I look around and realize that these are my friends.  I don’t know how I lucked into making such a great group of people into my friends, but I did.

Was talking with N.G. earlier today and (N.G.- literally stands for New Guy, just so you guys know).  N.G.  was talking about how it’s a bit of an odd amalgamation that I am a nurse, into technology, and am a geek.  I don’t quite know how that’s odd, but it is who I am.

Then I flubbed things up by spouting some accidental Yoda speak, but we won’t dwell on that travesty.  (At least the company understood Yoda.)

But we were speaking of the geekiness of the group in one way or another, and I popped off with, “And maybe one day I’ll find a geek of my very own.” (drops of silliness, and slight sarcasm noted here).  He chuckled and replied.  “Well you are a part of a select group of gamers, chances are you’ll meet someone.”

“I don’t know, N.G., Most gamers are looking for Princess Leia Organa, not Jabba the Hutt.”

I was instantly chastised and told, “that’s not even a remotely true statement.  Besides have you seen geeks lately?  I’m one of the hottest guys there, and I’m no George Clooney.”  Why are we still measuring hotness against George Clooney anyway?

Fact of the matter is, I tend to look at a person after getting to know them, that’s why Crinkles was so attractive.  His personality pushed him over the top.  But alas, apparently i’m just not pretty enough, or flashy enough, or something.

That’s fine, I’m there to play boardgames/cardgames, not the relationship fiasco type game.  I just thought I’d share the conversation, and get it off my chest.

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