The Departure of Mr. Crinkles

Ahh Mr. Crinkles, you know you done fucked up right?


He made it a point to say that he had ‘no options’ and that ‘no one wants to date him.’  While talking to me.   While writing to me in a message.

I admit I saw red, and I went off to the tune of….

You know that I have feelings for you. For the past two months (three months? four?)  I have tried so hard not to fuck up this friendship, but you know what I’ll let it all go, just to set you straight.

You do have options, you have at least one.  Me.  I’m not who you want, and I knew that before I decided to like you.  You were a safe option, someone I did not have to worry would ever like me.

I have people trying to set me up left and right, with people I’m not interested in, that I have no want nor need to be around.  I know how that feels, and I knew long ago you felt the same for me.  That you only talked to me when you had to, and I reveled whenever you would allow me the briefest of moments in your presence

You knew when you made that comment, and yet you still made it.  Off the fly, without a thought to my feelings. You don’t like me, got it.  But I have been your friend for how many months now listening when you needed an ear, and I don’t know about you, BUT I do not offer friendship with strings.  I offered a hug, when you were down, because it’s the right thing to do, and because i care.
IF you do not want to be my friend after this, so beit.  I don’t blame you, I’m nothing special anyway.

He writes back and says “of course I still want to be your friend, if you want to be mine I know how hard it can be to be the one sided party in an unrequited love affair.


I literally rolled my eyes.  I don’t need him.  I didn’t even really want him… he was cute, he was sweet (for awhile), and I was right.  MWAHAHA I was right.. To all those that kept saying he liked me… You were wrong.

But it was fun to live in the moment for a few hours this weekend.

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