28 and down.

In the past month and a half, to two months, I have lost 28 lbs.  Now depending on whether you are staring at gaining weight, or losing weight; whether you are 100lbs overweight, or even more, that number may not mean much to you.

It didn’t mean much to me.

I felt pride that I’ve gotten a good start on the weight loss I need to lose, I feel better than I have in a long time actually, without that added (damn near) 30 lbs weighing down on me.

But in all honesty it was just a number, and I still want to lose at least 100 more.

But I can feel pride in this number on the scale.  I’ve done it by sheer willpower and eating right, along with any excersize I can manage to squeeze into my week. (this week as proven by the last post, was a no go for the gym).

But what does 28lbs feel like?

Honestly, it feels like your scrub pants falling off as your walking down the hallway at work.

It feels like I can walk farther, without feeling the need to drink a gallon of water.

It feels a lot like i have diabetes well underhand again.

And it feels like a lot of fecking work.

It seems as if I’ll have to buy new clothes in the future, and that’s a bit depressing.  I spend more on food than I used to, because I buy apples, and fruits, and veggies, and eat them at an alarming rate, because they taste good, and they are better for me.

IT’s like I eat a lot of chicken.  (i eat a LOT of CHICKEN).

And it feels like I might eventually learn how to either poach an egg, or soft boil an egg, so that the stupid shell isn’t too hard to get rid of.

Still a work in progress.




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