In the Wee Hours of the Morn

In the Wee Hours of the Morn
When it would be prudent to sleep
I find myself reminiscing
On days when time was new.
Those nights that never ended
With arms, and hands, and feet
Touching, taking, tasting
Sensations reaching,
Heights Achieved.

But now as Midnight beckons
I fear those days are gone
Lonely crawls in the cold dark night
Through house cracks, and window seams
I may always be alone.
I’ll fix whats broken here,
The night will stay away
I’ll right what’s wrong with me
But the memory remains

all those wasted years
turning, spinning into dust.
I’ve lost my innocence
and time’s melted into dust.
No use crying now
the milk has all gone sour
My eyes grow heavy now
I’ll see you in an hour.

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