I Find Your Lack of Faith…Intriguing

So I have friends of all religions, races, creeds, and sexes.  I enjoy my friends very much, and while I tend to get along with males more so than females, that can lead to a few misunderstandings.

Take the other day, I have a Mormon friend.  Another female friend thinks this Mormon guy is a great match for me, one small problem

I am an atheist.  I do not believe in god, any god, much less their god.

I like to learn about his religion because it’s different, and he’s much more understanding that I do not believe as he does or as a Christian either one.

That does not mean that I rank high enough on his listing of people to ‘marry’, and what’s the point of ‘dating’ without an end game.

He made it a point to send me a long text this morning explaining that I would not be with him for eternity so that wouldn’t work for him, because family is the most important.

To that I say I hope he finds someone who meets his requirements, and I still have a good friend, furthermore I wasn’t asking to date him.


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