I am human

I saw a meme the other day that surmised exactly how i feel at this point in my life.  

“When you meet the perfect person, but it’s not the perfect time.”


Because of this inopportune time I see this person as a sad shell of a man.  He may have been a great man, and while i’ll continue to attempt friendship, He’s not for me.  I can’t fix what has been broken before me.  


He says he’s half a man.  Half a man?  He seems to be a fully functioning male adult until his depression tells him he’s half.  

I know those thoughts well, and only he can fix that.  Not the girlfriend that left, not the wife that left before that, and not some well-meaning female friend.


I can’t fix everything, I am a fixer with limitations.


Maybe that’s part of getting older?  Or maybe just getting over heart break?  Figuring out where exactly your limitations lie.  I thought I could make it work so many times before, I could help that person, I could do this.  


But let’s be honest, I’m only Human.  I bleed when I fall down.  I can only do so much.  And I accept that.  


Things I need to remember.
!.  I am primarily a happy person.

  1. I love easily and readily.
  2. I am a good friend
  3. I will help the helpless, until the choose to remain helpless.
  4. I am pretty awesome.  
  5. I am pretty inside and out.
  6. I am worthy.
  7. I am funny.
  8.  I am weird. (and that’s not a bad thing)

10.  I am me.  And that’s good enough.

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