The Voice of Happy?

If I'm ever the person to make you happy, when you are depressed.  I'm happy to serve.. However, if you are needing me to be your only sliver of happiness in the large dark room you've locked yourself into, and you want me to be the light in the dark, I'll try, but you might... Continue Reading →

Take me To Church

If you haven't watched the video by this name by Hozier you are doing yourself a grave disservice.  If when you watch this video you do not immediately feel anger towards what you have seen, you are heartless.  How can you look at two people so in love and not see that love between them?... Continue Reading →

Roses are Red.. So is Blood.

Roses are Red, Surprises are great, I can help you plan your Valentine's date-- Cortanna, at 145AM February 12 2017.   No I don't think you can, computer.  You are not a male, you are not single, and you are not my type.  I'm single, for the first time in 3 years, and the 3... Continue Reading →

A Dark History

I've spoken loads about one night stands, or bad dates.  Hell I've talked about crushes and the good times, bad times, and everything in between.  The one thing I've not talked about on this blog thus far, is rape. This subject keeps being brought up in popular social media, the government, and general conversations between... Continue Reading →

In the Wee Hours of the Morn

In the Wee Hours of the Morn When it would be prudent to sleep I find myself reminiscing On days when time was new. Those nights that never ended With arms, and hands, and feet Touching, taking, tasting Sensations reaching, Heights Achieved. Release. But now as Midnight beckons I fear those days are gone Lonely... Continue Reading →

I am human

I saw a meme the other day that surmised exactly how i feel at this point in my life.   “When you meet the perfect person, but it’s not the perfect time.”   Because of this inopportune time I see this person as a sad shell of a man.  He may have been a great... Continue Reading →

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