Goodnight Sweet Prince(ss) You were the one

I grew up and the first movie that I ever wore out was most likely Episode 4.  Why wouldn’t I fall in love with it?  It had a handsome young man in the lead role, a rapscallion who was breath-taking, a large furry friend that I’d have killed to have as my co-pilot, but most of all (other than the walking talking fix stuff robots!!)  was the Princess.

Carrie Fisher would be my idol growing up, only it before I knew that the people in the movie weren’t real people, and that they were played by others.   To me Princess Leia was the actual embodiment of grace and strength.

She was both the beauty and the Tom-Boy.  She was everything I wanted to be, hell she’s still everything I strive to be.

Lucky for us fans, we have the movies that she touched to watch her, and she’ll never die.  She is that embodiment of power and prestige, and wit.  Her romance with the Scruffy NerfHerder will always live on in my mind, and that kiss and the reveal!!

The bikini, ever replicated, never perfected… (you can send photos of attempts i’m sure people would love to see those.)

That space story has indoctrinated a lot of people into the world of science fiction, and will continue to do just that.  It will just have to do it without her, and without others we have lost before.

This one hits just a little closer to home, because to me she was proof that I didn’t have to always be perfect, and I could still be good enough.

She went on to become the Carrie Fisher that the world will miss, the woman who would fight for those with depression/anxiety/drug problems.  She herself seeming stopped on a dime, and pulled herself up by her bootstraps.

Goodnight Sweet Princess, You were the one.


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