It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

For 3.5 years I’ve tried everything from selling things online, to selling body parts to get to central to upstate New York, to be with him.  To be with the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, the one who…


Ok so in truth, I’ve not done any of that.  I saved and searched to find out how to get a nursing license in New York, and I waited, oh how I waited.  You, dear reader, by this point know that I waited.  I waited to hear his voice (yes and nos mostly).  I waited for him to visit.  (for 3 and  half years).  I would keep waiting.


I learned what it took to get my nursing license in New York, and I was in the process of getting it, when he broke up with me the first time.  (When I refused to sue a 21 year old for not paying enough attention and totalling my hamster run Dodge Caliber).


I kept waiting for another year and finally had enough.  I ended it a month ago (in six days.)


Why do I rehash this with you?


Irony dear reader, Irony for Irony’s sake.


I received an alert in the email today for a job offer for central and upstate New York. A job offer that offered to get me through the process of getting a New York license, to actually pay the fees.  The job would pay for my lodging, my moving, and would pay quite well, if I were to get it.


Just one month ago (shy a few days)  I’d have jumped at the chance, taken the job, and been stuck in New York alone, at a job I may or may not have liked, and been half a continent away from all i know and love.

Alone, depressed, and most likely snowed in.


Ironic, Don’t ya think?

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