Old Maid

I’m a spinster.  An old maid.  I’m well past my years when I thought I’d be married with children.  I’ve lived on my own, and enjoyed it, and I’m now living back home with my father.  Again.     I do not lament this fact.  I am thoroughly lucky to have a father who allows... Continue Reading →

Just keep it on 4 wheels.

  I was 14.  It was summer, and my little brother had gotten a Honda Trail 70 for his birthday.  His birthday was in April, but it took about 2 months to get the 70’s model mini bike running again.     The family was outside enjoying the sun, and working in the yard.  So,... Continue Reading →

Just Thinking

I think of her every now and again. Today was no different.  I remember the friendship we’d shared for ages, how we’d spend days together, were roommates, even closer than sisters.  Then I recall how it ended.  Callous words thought aloud, and she walked away from over ten years of friendship for her new friends,... Continue Reading →

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