So much more crap.

Hello Welcome to Hell.

So I quit smoking thanks to Chantix. I’ve had a few nightmares so far. But I’ve also stopped smoking so its a bit of a toss up so far.  No problem and so far its been rather easy easy.

I have been really depressed lately. That means I need someone to talk to. But I thought that’s what friends were for.  How does the song go anyway?

“In good times and bad times…blah blah blah” but apparently I have been misinformed my entire life. Friends aren’t a give and take relationship.  Apparently friendship is all about the good times.

According to who has been my best friend for years I am whining too much about my home life and instead of just leaving the situation im staying in it.  That I just want to be miserable.

That’s not true.  I want to be happy. I want to have friends and money a d a thriving blog with paying readers or sponsors or something but reality says “time is a factor in all things.”

Maybe he has his own problems and doesn’t want mine too. But who doesn’t have their own problems?  I dont know. He has done this before and chooses when I am at my lowest point to pull this shit.  Maybe I am not worthy of friends.

Who knows.

3 thoughts on “So much more crap.

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  1. You are worthy if friends but pick the friends who support you not pull you down. People like that are toxic.

  2. You are truly worthy. I know it’s hard to find that true friendship but it’s out there. Your blog proves to me how worthy you are. We all go through the ups and downs with our people so it’s to bad this person wasn’t/isn’t there for you. I’m sorry life has been rough for you lately. There will be something better coming up. I just feel it.

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