Random Utterings… (alone in the office)

Every joint in my body aches today.  From my bad shoulder to the water heater knee from when I was younger.  My right ankle is swollen and black, and I have no reason for that to be the case.  I’m growing old in a world that doesn’t even like me, and I don’t know if... Continue Reading →

Miss Invisible

There’s always going to be that one girl.  The one who gets over looked.  The one that is just above nothing on the high school level.  I was that girl.  I blended into the surroundings.  I spent every waking moment practicing.  Ok so maybe not EVERY moment, but if I was at school I was... Continue Reading →

Suicide is on my mind a lot lately. I can tell you every step of everything I'd do.  There's about ten ways I could do it in this room right now. I won't bring you all the particulars, I won't make you sit through my thoughts of blackness, and rain.  I just felt I should... Continue Reading →

So much more crap.

Hello Welcome to Hell. So I quit smoking thanks to Chantix. I've had a few nightmares so far. But I've also stopped smoking so its a bit of a toss up so far.  No problem and so far its been rather easy easy. I have been really depressed lately. That means I need someone to... Continue Reading →

Current state of my affairs.

Ok Froggers,  Here goes.  I’ve been absent.  Really, really absent.  I found a job, and not much funny happens at it.  I don’t have the time I once did to pen a soliloquy every other day.  OH! And beyond that I’m so very lonely. I know three people in this town.  My sister, brother-in-law, and... Continue Reading →

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