Someone Like You


Never mind I’ll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you too. Don’t forget me I said I remember you said sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead.

How is this a hit song?  How many times have you had a relationship turn sour and after the initial break up did you look back on it and think “oh wow, even though he was a complete asshole, I miss him and I should so get back together with him.”

I have a rule, and I made it due to experience.  Leave the exes in the past.



It should be a mantra.  So you dated Mr. Perfectly Idiotic for six years, and you were absolutely in love with him, and one day out of the blue he breaks your heart.  After the months of soul searching one gives to a break up, you decide that you are better off.

Flash forward, to a year or two later.  You find yourself face first with the same specimen of a man that left you a sniveling crying mess on the bathroom floor.  All the good times rush forward, you think to call them a friend, and you have missed their cologne, maybe even their body.  What you forget in that instant is how badly they treated you.

How he’d come home at bedtime with no explanation of where he’d been.  He’d avoid your calls, or treat you like shit just so you didn’t run away.  But you do not remember those times.  Even if it wasn’t  a bad relationship.  One day you realized that it didn’t work, and you walked away.  That reason is gone in the moment of the ‘good times.’

Take my advice:  Run.

Because what happens when you get into that relationship again?  I know there are people out there that have done this, and it worked well for them.  But in the times I’ve done it, it’s worked as well as well, trying to get blood from a turnip.

I went out with a guy for a few weeks when we were young.  He freaked out about a two weeks in, and ran away like a dog with its tail between its legs.  I thought it was my fault, I fell inside myself, and hid for at least a few months, because it HAD to be my fault.  Then I realized how silly that was.  It was not, in fact, anything to do with me.

Flash forward about six years, and I ran into him at the local store.  He looked better than I remembered.  Think a darker haired Tom Cruise.  Oddly enough he even had that really silly laugh that Tom has in interviews, but I digress.

He somehow wormed my number out of me, and called me as soon as we both got home.  It was only a few days later that we went on our second first date.

Of course this date was filled with “do you stills” and “what abouts” but in honesty I couldn’t tell you anything we did other than eat at a Perkins.

The relationship blossomed and fell apart in the span of two months, and when I thought it was over he came sniveling back.  I apparently did not learn the lesson and so I took him back one more time.   That lasted about a week.

When it was finally over and I had moved on with my life, the ex showed back up, and professed his undying love for me.  Then he went so far to say that if he couldn’t have me, he’d kill himself.  So I took him to a mental health place, and dropped him off.

A week later he was finally out of my life forever.

This is only one example of a bad decision that could have been easily diverted by NOT repeating a bad experience, so take it from me.  Leave the ex in the past.



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