A plea for help in a big way

Come one, Come all to tonight’s story.

I keep my private life very private on here.  Sure I tell the stories that happened; I let you guys live vicariously through my foils and fables.  But tonight, I’m going a little closer to home.  For a very good reason.

I moved when I was in the third grade.  I’m sure you’re thinking, well that was probably the best possible age to move.  However, I don’t know that there is EVER a good age to move to a new school.  You already have friends set up.  You know what you are walking into each day, but halfway through third grade, my parents bought a house thirty minutes in the opposite direction.

In the southern state in which I lived the school systems were small and the districts even smaller.  That meant I’d have to change schools

School B was bigger.  It had around six third grade classes, school A had 2.  School B had kids of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  B… Not so much.

The point is I moved and had to start over.  There was one kid, a boy.  He was funny, and friendly.  He was never the ‘love of my life’, or the ‘hottest guy in all the world’ to me.  However, he was always outgoing.

I stayed at school B through out the remainder of my schooling.  The Boy and I would traverse the same halls, we had different friends, we had different lives, but somehow they’d always intertwine.  It was a small school after all.

I was smart, he was smart, and most of our classes seemed to converge.  So when I walked into 3rd period Latin 1 and he was missing I was concerned.  I don’t think he’d missed so much as a day of school until this time.

He’d be out for most of the year, his kidney’s had failed. This great friendly goofball of a guy needed a kidney. How do you process that In sophomore year?  I don’t know, but I don’t understand it any better now.

Now he’s 34.  He’s back in the same boat.  He needs another kidney, because surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Kidney’s fail.  And he has a gofundme account.

I’ve never asked any of my readers to step this close to my life, but I need you to find it in your heart to go to the link I’m posting, and donate.  A dollar, five, whatever you have.

They have found him a second kidney that matches his markers.  This is a Hail Mary Pass.  He’s 34.  He’s just found a great woman, and he needs help with expenses to go to New York for the surgery and subsequent therapy that will follow.


Tim’s Go Fund Me  Please guys, I beg of you.  If any of you can just share it, that might make all the difference.

TIm’s Kidney transplant Go Fund Me

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  1. Hi Madison, I hope your friend reaches his goal. Looks like he will! I Tweeted this: Expenses for Kidney Transplant – this is not about the #tappanzee – I’m helping a friend by sharing: http://gofund.me/er1x68?pc=14_tw_3 … via @gofundme – knowing the hashtag would be picked up and retweeted by a site that has more than 3,500 followers. One of my friends was graced to have a kidney transplant some years ago. Best wishes, Janie

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