LOA: Death`

Death happens all the time.  You lose a pet, a family member, and your heart breaks. This is the same.  I have unfortunately lost a family member this week, and though she was a very sweet woman, I did not know her well.  She always had a smile on her face whenever we’d meet, whether... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Friends with Myself

Here's another great post from my friend Carole Blair. To whom I am forever forgetting to call back! (So if any of you others out there think I'm avoiding you, I'm not.  I just am horrible at returning calls.) IN FACT! I once told someone I'd call them back in a half hour, and they... Continue Reading →

Someone Like You

  Never mind I’ll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you too. Don’t forget me I said I remember you said sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead. How is this a hit song?  How many times have you had a relationship turn sour and after the... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Still In Shock

A few days ago I received a request to host a guest writer.  As a relatively new blogger, I was thrilled to know that someone who had read my blog wanted to take part in it.  I welcome guests.  What stood out most was that she was so very sincere. She told of her story... Continue Reading →

Young and Stupid

Oh to be young and stupid again.  I was fourteen, I had a new friend, and through her I’d have my first taste of ‘love’.  Not “love! Love, but the little lusty love.”  My new friends name was TheWeirdOne.  Her being weird was fine.  I was weird too. We’d talk of the smell of  books,... Continue Reading →

A plea for help in a big way

Come one, Come all to tonight’s story. I keep my private life very private on here.  Sure I tell the stories that happened; I let you guys live vicariously through my foils and fables.  But tonight, I’m going a little closer to home.  For a very good reason. I moved when I was in the... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Superman

This makes me Lois Lane. Waiting.  It’s all I do, I wait on change at work.  I wait for a change of job, and I waited too long until the paychecks were pulled out from under me, and it wasn’t my fault.  Well not entirely.  I wasn’t the one who meant to get hurt.  I... Continue Reading →

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